Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scale the Strat

Becky was inspired by her Half-marathon training to switch over to stair climbing and prepare for the "Scale the Strat" event. It's an event and fundraiser for the Southern Nevada Lung Association; which she decided to do in honor of her Uncle Larry who passed away in December from Lung Cancer. Thanks to many different pledges she by far exceeded her goal and made it to the top on one peice.
108 floors, 1455 stairs, 1 elevator ride down

After winding up all those stairs she was a little dizzy and the change in elevation didn't help any.

Fully recovered and ready to go.....down.

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We were able to go to the race with some friends, it was well worth the trip, we had great seats and felt that we were going to have a great day, the only thing forgotten was earplugs. We thought we could do without but it wasn't five laps into it that Becky went to get something to save our hearing.

Its' a beautiful smell when you combine tires and racing fuel, one thing we weren't expecting is all of the tire debris that was on our skin and in our hair. The race was excellent and very exciting to the end.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Scavenger Hunt #2

One of the funniest things was peoples reactions to what you were doing, these guys thought it was pretty cool we wanted a picture with them, we thought it was cool they had a "souvenier cup" that was shaped like a guitar

My best street performer statue impersonation

This guy was a real help he kept pulling hats out of his bag for each of us, then put his bird on our shoulder, it wasn't until after dinner that someone realized the bird left me a tip on my shirt, thanks Polly!

If there aren't beads it's not a party

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Friends B-day Scavenger Hunt

One of our friends had a scavenger hunt on the Strip for her Birthday hunt, the contestants were divided into teams and then had to find items on the list, some were easy, some were hard and some just couldn't be found at all

"ugly carpet"

"gold statue"

"dance floor" i.e. the Beatles entry

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Sixth Anniversary Celebration

Christmas night we celebrated our sixth anniversary by going to the recently opened City Center and attending the new Cirque du Soleil show Viva Elvis

We also ate at a new Michel Mina restaraunt called American Fish, it was very delicious and enjoyed by all.

The show was awesome, had seats right in the middle on the second row, it appeared the some of the dancers were going to kick us with their blue suede shoes but we made it through the night.

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Christmas 2009

We celebrated Christmas this year by staying in Vegas, just the two of us. We did miss the family but it was so nice not having to worry about travel and fighting traffic, we really enjoyed it and had a great time relaxing and enjoying the season.

Becky even made it snow for Max.

I think Max felt shunned because we didn't actually buy him anything special but he forgave us when we gave him a new chew bone to work on that afternoon.

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Davis Christmas Party

We helped out with the Annual Davis Christmas Party, part of the agreement of moving from Utah was that we would try and come back and help cook, decorate, and have a good time. I was in charge of "cooking" the lasagna, they were actually homemade, just decided to freeze them and put them in boxes for a little different look.

Santa, what are you doing?

Witches Brew? for a christmas party?

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Race Day #9

The three finishers celebrating the glorious run.

And most important of all....streeeeetching.

Maybe I should start doing this running thing, I mean between all the photo stops and Monorail I did 5 miles, but then again I'm not a runner......yet.

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Race Day #8

Final surprise cheering spot in front of Caesar's Palace, they were surprised to see me here because it was so close to the finish line, they picked up the pace a little and outran me to the finish but they finished strong.

You're a winner!

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Race Day #7

I made my up to the north end but missed them as they outran the Monorail between miles 4 and 6 but they had to circle around come back south so I waited in front the the world's larget gift shop.

More than half-way and still running strong.

Actually wearing the same clothing still, it was easier to find them too because I knew what other groups to look for as they got closer.

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Race Day #6

The first running sighting, this is about mile 4 and they are going strong, and very excited.

After cheering the girls on, I went over and saw the "run-thru" wedding, they had 70 couples make or renew vows on the half marathon, attended ove course by the running Elvi

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