Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A trip to the mountains

Over the weekend I took Max up to try out a four wheel drive trail, it still amazes me that within 45 minutes from the dry heat of the valley you can find a cool mountain with a little “creek” and trees changing colors. I had been wanting to check this trail out for some time now and a coworker that lives at the other end was doing it the same day, we had planned to meet at the top, however due to a timing issue I didn’t get to the top and he was postponed for a couple hours, just leaves more to check out. On the way back as Max was searching for rocks in the water, I talked to a couple Jeepers that were coming in from a different trail, they gave me a few different ways to get around up there and told me about some other awesome trails to take. Here are some pictures to enjoy:

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