Monday, June 23, 2008

Living like the Indians

J B and Mike's Mom have done some cool Indianesque Pictographs on the cinderblock wall behind their house, years ago after Becky and I and Debbie moved away they put family members handprints on the wall to add a personal touch. Unfortunately everytime since then that we have all been around it has either been too cold, too wet, or we were just too busy. Finally we did, except Bruce, and my mom was very happy to have a piece of her kids to look at in the back yard.

I think that Becky is doing some sort of dance move here.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dutch Oven Family Celebration

We always had a big Dutch Oven dinner at the annual Family Camp, since we haven't had Family Camp in a while we had the dinner part on what would have been Grandpa Davis' 93rd birthday, I think in all we had over 15 dutch ovens going, I never got any of the food because I was too busy eating, yummy yummy.
Becky says that she is finally full, and very happy.
Here's my Grandma with her kids that could make it to the Party.
My grandma brought a bunch of old notebooks that she used to write about each family event and would include a few pictures from each, it was blogging before computers, well while looking through a few I got to realize just how cool of a kid I was growing up and how thankful I am that they were finally able to make smaller glasses for almost blind people and that I found a job and saved up for Lasik, in most of the pictures I felt like....theirs Mike's glasses and body.
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Seattle Fun

The real reason to go to Seattle, to see the Mariners play some baseball, of course they were playing the Tigers so Mike's Dad came up as well. They split the two games so each was happy for their teams that haven't been doing too well this year. I am just glad that the Mariner's won at all.
We also got to see some good friends, Trish and Derek, of course they just happened to be moving so we went and helped a little bit, Heres Becky trying to still Derek's policeman hat.
The third great thing about Seattle is the fresh Seafood, we had some at every meal practically. Of course the best is the weekend Brunch at Salty's, it is the best and has a great view across the Puget Sound to Seattle.
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Seattle Cont.

We stopped by a couple random places in our driving around, it was fun to be able to drive around and see the different neighborhoods in Seattle and have the GPS so that we didn't get totally lost, although with Mike driving the poor girl had to "Recalculate" every other block.
This is north of downtown in a section called "Magnolia" nice view of the sound and of the Space Needle, and oh so green.

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Kat's Wedding

We went up to Utah to seed Becky's college roommate get married in Mid-May, the wedding was at the Joseph Smith Memorial building, I wasn't big into taking pictures of the wedding but did get a few shots of the big downtown construction project going on, not quite as exciting as all the Vegas construction but it was weird to see it from high up.
Looking at the hole that used to be Crossroads Mall, I felt my geekiness coming out as I was analyzing the geotechnical side of this project...go engineers.

Apparently the only semi-picture that I got of the couple was this one. It was fun and nice to see them get married.

The Wedding Continues

Caught this at the perfect moment, sometimes even I get lucky!

Random places like this make me really miss Utah, then the mosquitoes started attacking us and that thought went away.

After the wedding we continued out to the Great Salt Lake and found this unique structure, part of a bird and wildlife refuge, it has a nice one mile boardwalk around the mosquito infested and bird populated swampland that is the GSL.
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Home Improvement 101

After storing them in the garage for 1 1/2 years we finally built the shelf in laundry room and a shoe shelf in the closet, the shoe shelf didn't look as organized as this one so it didn't make the cut.

I think we have all the parts but it is hard to remember for so long.