Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

I can't believe it has been seven years since I woke up to go to class and found out the world had changed. As the years go by the memories of that time still seem fresh in my mind, that month following the attacks was amazing to me, people actually seemed like they cared about the greater good. We all had that common link and we were all put on alert, I like to sometimes remind myself that is who I want to be all the time, whether or not it is recieved well. Take some time to remember where you were when the world stopped spinning. I would like to thank the thousands of troops that have gone, are fighting, or preparing for the fight and send them my full American Support.

God Bless America!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Something to Enjoy

A while back a friend sent me a link to a website, lately it has become an enjoyable sunday night guilty pleasure for me to check out, as it is updated weekly on Sundays. The website is the PostSecret blog, for those of you that want to check it out, there are always ones that make me laugh, or think "do I know them", or realize just how happy I am with where I am. It is an interesting concept and makes me think sometimes if I were to do one what would it be? But then I am such an Honest Abe that I can't think of one. For more on the PostSecret community check out here and here.

Labor Day Weekend Part 1

Our Labor Day Weekend was all about not "Laboring" and celebrating all of the "Laboring" we've been doing all summer. This is how the Warnicks like to spend quality snuggle time on the couch watching Batman Begins.

After our movie we headed down to Henderson to watch our beloved Aggies get beat in football, reasons to celebrate:
1.) It is football and not basketball
2.) Rebel fans still felt it necessary to "taunt" us and that they were up by two scores over the third to last team in the nation, it was quite easy to take the beating, of course in the second half we packed up and moved over to the Aggie section to cheer for all the first downs (what were there like a total of five?)
3.) In-N-Out double-double with animal style fries after the game.
Those three items made the night victorious for me, oh and we beat the spread to make my coworkers happy too.
As you can see the stands were packed full.

Sunday after church we headed down to the Palazzo Resort/Casino/Paradise. We lucked out on a deal through Priceline and then got even luckier to make it onto the 37th floor, with a view out onto the Strip and overlooking the Pool, I couldn't have requested a better spot. The suite was huge, as it was more than half of our condo, with two TVs in the main area and a little TV in the bathroom.
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Labor Day Weekend Part 2

We had a great time the first day out at the pool, a little cold front moved through so the wind was picking up and it cooled clear down to 97, Becky was freezing. We walked all around the pool area and even went over to the Venetian pool deck, we came out right by the Tao Beach and they had music blaring and drunk people dancing so we escaped back to the quiet of the Palazzo.
Later that night we enjoyed dinner at Dos Caminos, tasty guacamole, and some amazing steak and seared tuna, topped off with some delicious Pistachio Banana Crepes. We walked around the shops and went through all of Barney's New York, we both would've had a hard time finding anything we liked in there. We wanted to enjoy the Suite some more so we headed upstairs, the staff had turned down the sheets, turned on a little music and put chocolates on the pillows.

On Monday we had breakfast at one of our favorites: The Omelet House and then Becky went with a neighbor to get a massage and kiss the holiday goodbye.

Becky said that I had to post this gross picture, not only is it bad because it is my feet but notice the size of my right foot, let's just say that dress socks pressing on an infection on the back of your leg does not allow for sufficient drainage, therefore my foot looked like a watermelon and my ankle dissappeared for a couple of days. Becky knows it's bad when I tell her about it and say I might have to go to the Doctor, this was the day I finally admitted I better go get it checked out.

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