Monday, February 02, 2009

We've Lost the Way

Apparently showing the political side of me sent me off to the dark side and scared me away from coming back. This is a travesty since it has been months packed with many activities, trips, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and so forth. Ever since the New Year I have meant to get on here and catch up, write about the real exciting things and the not so off the wall sort of things. Now it is February and I'm deciding to hit what I hit and miss what I miss. Tonight I'll post some of the cool things that Becky and I have done since November and we'll see how it rolls from there. Things I've neglected to share: Thankgiving, Being delayed due to a snow storm in Las Vegas of all places, Vacation to Florida, Five-year Anniversary, woo-hoo, Cruise to Grand Cayman and Mexico, Siteseeing in Tampa Bay, Falling in love with OSI, seeing our first NFL football game live and in person, coincidentally in Tampa Bay, my favorite team, New year's, Cheering on the Utes, Watching the Aggies and Rebels, but realizing I'm an Aggie through and through, The Office Partay, Racing Go Karts, Quick trip with the neighbors to Salt Lake to see the Jazz play the Cavs, surprising the Faddis' with a quick stop when they didn't know we were even up there, priceless, Becky's 25th Birthday, Golfing in shorts and a T-shirt with no wind and hitting the flag stick not once but twice, winning the office playoff pool and my first and probably last casino bet of the Superbowl, beginner's luck is bad sometimes. Wow that is one long list I'll be back shortly to see what I get out.