Friday, July 02, 2010

Is it official if it doesn't make a blog

Or facebook or twitter? Anyways we found out today that we will be expecting a Baby Boy in December, yeah we knew the whole December part for a couple months but are excited about the Boy part. Becky is doing well and seems to have more energy now that the first trimester is over, here's to continuing on the path of wellness.

Delaware Beaches

We relaxed and spent some time on the beach in Rehoboth, it was so nice and we had a great time, chilling under the 1970's brown vinyl umbrella. It was easy finding our spot on the beach. It was so nice sitting and listening to waves and watching all the people.

We originally were going to get bikes for a couple hours, that turned out to be a couple days. The little shop was so laid back they didn't even require a pre-pay or anything and then only charged us a day, highly miss such a trusting business and glad to see that there is still that attitude in America. Highly recommend heading to 1st and Maryland if you ever end up there.

Of course we had a bunch of food, including pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches. Even managed to fit some seafood, funnel cake and Bacon Ice Cream in somehow.
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Washington DC Trip

This is my first video ever, I don't really feel like redoing it right now so here is the first final video with half the song over the's a learning curve! We had a blast, ran a ton, saw a bunch, and really enjoyed ourselves.