Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Happenings #3

So this is how I thought I was going to spend the Saturday before my big birthday, golfing 18 holes at the Red Rock Country Club for free, thanks to my friend Michael. Well that didn't quite turn out that way because on hole number 14 he returned a call from his wife who was nine months pregnant to find out that her "water" broke.....so we drove off and rushed home, I was pretty excited for him and thought I should tell Becky............


She had gotten me and caught me off guard, and had invited a ton of friends over, we definitely had a full house and a great time celebrating and eating and playing Rockband.

And I got two cakes, I guess one for each fifteen years, luckily I didn't have to blow out thirty candles.

And since Kaelli and Michael lied they had to wait until the day their baby was due for her to make an appearance, too bad it wasn't a day earlier then in thirty years she would be celebrating the big 3-0 and I would be....dead :)
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Summer Happenings #2

My coworkers talked me into trying the Blazin' Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings, so one Friday to qualify we had to eat 12 Wings smothered in Blazin' Sauce. I had never tried to tempt fate by eating such a stomach turner and up to three weeks prior to this I didn't even dare go beyond Hot. Well I decided to see how well I could do and qualified in 2:15, not bad considering the grease was so hot that I ended up with a blister on my thumb. The competition was the very next day so I had to get my game face on quick, which almost didn't happen because signing the papers on the car took a long time. I was in heat number three and the first two times were 1:01 and 1:05 so I didn't really think that I had a chance. Thanks to my coworkers we got Johnny Cash singing "Ring of Fire" and them cheering me on I stood up a split second after the first guy did but he still had a mouthful of chicken and mine was empty so it was on to the finals in 1:09. Of course there was a few sodas to try and cool the fire around the lips. The Finals we had four of us that wanted to combine the prizes and split them up equally but the fifth guy was in it to win it, and so I embarqued on my third dozen of Blazin' Wings in 24 hours. I managed to get them down in about 0:58 which was good enough for third place, $100 in gift certificates to BWWs. I also managed to win one of the drawings for 6 wings a week for a year.....giddy up!

Here I am recapping the successful adventure afterwards, not really wanting to move, but having plenty to brag about.
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Summer Adventures #1

The time has finally come to get a new vehicle for the family, unfortunately it was at a time that we needed to because the Jeep Wrangler was broken and has been getting a lot of miles on it, so our new vehicle is........

Wouldn't that have been hilarious, my shoulders literally went from window to the passenger seat, however there was a nice little back bench for Max that would have been perfect for long, or short trips around town that seemed long. Just had a little problem getting the feet from under the steering wheel. Actually we bought a 2007 Nissan Maxima, it is super nice and we have both enjoyed driving it so far.

Even Max likes to ride in the back seat because the vents blow right at him and he gets nice and cool.

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