Thursday, December 09, 2010

We were told we could bring in some clothes

Here he is almost ready to go, if someone would just take out these needles and tubes.
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Time in the NICU

While little Caleb is getting to flirt with all the nurses and other little girls at the hospital, mommy and daddy got to visit and play with him at every chance they could. It's so fun to hold him, feed him, and even change him. He has recieved three transfusions, but after each one his platelet count drops, however, it has slowed down each time. The doctors say not to worry and to give the little guy time to figure out what is good and what is bad in his blood and that eventually the good will overcome the bad and he will stabilize. Until that we can visit and hold him and play with him and if we are too tired even take a little nap with him. We have mainly just been trying to convince him that it really isn't the end of the world if he comes home with us and that we will treat him right, crazy kid!

Low platelets don't help prevent bruising that much and when your daddy already bruises like a peach that isn't great news for your little baby hand after you rip out your own IV line.

"I know it was you, I'm watching you!"
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Hold up

Things aren't quite as easy as they seem, but to our luck the night nurse was doing her inspections and noticed some red dots that weren't bumps but looked like the should be, she suspected something bad and the doctor ordered a blood count, turns out little Caleb had low platelets and it would have been bad to just leave the hospital without getting better. So into the NICU we are admitted while mom gets her walking papers and has to check out.
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The first day

We spent the first day just trying to figure out what was going on and where that nice warm hot tub went, some of us were just content staring at the little baby and enjoying our new addition to the family.

Things went so well that they told us we would be able to go home as a family the next moring, YAY!
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Your package has arrived

The nurses did a fantastic job detailing him and getting him all cleaned up, I even dared to do one handed hold, must've been delirious or something.

Mom got to feed him and to no one's surprise he took right to that bottle like a true Warnick, way to go son, Daddy's proud!

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Let's do this!

It's about mid-afternoon and I'm signaling Becky with "What's missing from this picture?"

Okay, I'm gonna have do this myself, Ready?

Ok, after hours and hours and hours of contractions and not getting anywhere. And once the pain gotted managed the meds were upped and we had quick progression towards the end goal, Dr. Martin actually delivered another baby in the next suite over and stepped in to say if we didn't get going he might have to do somehting about it. That was all the motivation team momma and sonny needed to get this moving. Within two hours the doctor was called back in at 9:50 after pushing for twenty minutes and he showed up at 10:10, messed around for a few minutes, told Becky to push a couple of excruciating minutes, which won't be fully understood by us mortal men and at 10:16 p.m. Baby Caleb entered the world triumphantly!

Weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches lung we have a fine healthy boy with ten fingers and ten toes. What a cute kid!
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The time has come

Thursday December 2, 2010 we arrived at the hospital at 600 a.m. ready to have a baby boy, well I was ready to watch and fetch ice chips since my other assignment of knowing where the hospital was and getting us there was fulfilled upon arrival. We got all set up in Labor and Delivery suite #6 and our day began with IV drip and monitors all over.

How's that pain going, feeling anything yet?

I think I'm ready for my epidural NOW!

Once the name went on the board it was written in stone, baby Caleb was on his way.
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Friday, November 26, 2010


Just to prove that we are actually ready for this little guy to get here I am posting the crib he will be calling home for a while. this was taken in the middle of post Black Friday gift wrapping so excuse the mess. Big thanks for the furniture to really nice coworker that was getting rid of it. With all the other gifts we have received so far we truly feel blessed to have such great family and friends, now as Becky would say "Come out baby!"

Things we've been up to

Seems like the months go by quickly, we've had a lot of fun and have enjoyed this last phase of
the kidless life, next week it all changes, oh boy!

We attended Mike's niece's baptism in Utah in September, aren't we cute?

Had a delicious Thanksgiving meal with the neighbors, we worked so hard on that smoked turkey, let me tell you it was difficult! Even putting the sides in those styrofoam cups, tough life I'm telling you.

Our home improvement project consisted of tearing up the nasty carpet that was in our condo, cheap carpet from the builder + four years of foot traffic + two dogs living full time indoors = time for some new flooring

We went the cheap route and since we had a concrete subfloor, yes even on the second story we just finished the concrete. We had to stay off it for four days, so we thank those friends that put us up or let dogs stay the day with them. We put on a concrete stain and then wet-sealed it. We like not having the carpet and will enjoy it for the meantime, who knows what the future will bring.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike

We celebrated the fifth of July, i.e. Mike's Birthday in grand style, with cake and candles, homemade ice cream, and of course fireworks. It was a bunch of fun and a great day.
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Friday, July 02, 2010

Is it official if it doesn't make a blog

Or facebook or twitter? Anyways we found out today that we will be expecting a Baby Boy in December, yeah we knew the whole December part for a couple months but are excited about the Boy part. Becky is doing well and seems to have more energy now that the first trimester is over, here's to continuing on the path of wellness.

Delaware Beaches

We relaxed and spent some time on the beach in Rehoboth, it was so nice and we had a great time, chilling under the 1970's brown vinyl umbrella. It was easy finding our spot on the beach. It was so nice sitting and listening to waves and watching all the people.

We originally were going to get bikes for a couple hours, that turned out to be a couple days. The little shop was so laid back they didn't even require a pre-pay or anything and then only charged us a day, highly miss such a trusting business and glad to see that there is still that attitude in America. Highly recommend heading to 1st and Maryland if you ever end up there.

Of course we had a bunch of food, including pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches. Even managed to fit some seafood, funnel cake and Bacon Ice Cream in somehow.
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Washington DC Trip

This is my first video ever, I don't really feel like redoing it right now so here is the first final video with half the song over the's a learning curve! We had a blast, ran a ton, saw a bunch, and really enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scale the Strat

Becky was inspired by her Half-marathon training to switch over to stair climbing and prepare for the "Scale the Strat" event. It's an event and fundraiser for the Southern Nevada Lung Association; which she decided to do in honor of her Uncle Larry who passed away in December from Lung Cancer. Thanks to many different pledges she by far exceeded her goal and made it to the top on one peice.
108 floors, 1455 stairs, 1 elevator ride down

After winding up all those stairs she was a little dizzy and the change in elevation didn't help any.

Fully recovered and ready to go.....down.

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We were able to go to the race with some friends, it was well worth the trip, we had great seats and felt that we were going to have a great day, the only thing forgotten was earplugs. We thought we could do without but it wasn't five laps into it that Becky went to get something to save our hearing.

Its' a beautiful smell when you combine tires and racing fuel, one thing we weren't expecting is all of the tire debris that was on our skin and in our hair. The race was excellent and very exciting to the end.

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