Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween and Hockey

Some have asked for pictures of our Halloween costumes, found some on the other camera when I downloaded it, we wanted to go with something current in the news so here is "Michael Jackson" and "Dr. Conrad Murray" it was fun making sure "MJ" had his medicine all night, a couple M&M's can go a long way in making it look real.

We finally made it back to LV Wranglers hockey game, it was really fun and we ran into a couple friends that we haven't seen in a while, we had a good time and don't plan on taking so long to get back to the next one. And yes it was the first basketball game so I had to wear a USU shirt to show some support, it's great to have Bball back on the schedule. Go AGGIES!

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Six years ago.....

Six years ago this October we got engaged, to celebrate we went on a date to Roy's and celebrated with some yummy chocolate souffle.

We decided that we didn't need much of a reason to go to Roy's but six years is something to be happy about.

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Camping Trip

We had the chance to go Camping in October with some of Mike's coworkers, we didn't want to go too far so we settled on the Logandale Red Rocks, I mean can you get enough of camping around red rock? We had a great time and cooked up some dutch oven cowboy chili, breakfast on the grill with pancakes and eggs, sausage and bacon. We headed over to the sand dunes to play around a little and then took a ride on the four-wheeler, it was a great little fun trip and Max had such a great time carrying a red rock with him wherever he went that he passed out for two days when we got home.

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