Friday, November 26, 2010


Just to prove that we are actually ready for this little guy to get here I am posting the crib he will be calling home for a while. this was taken in the middle of post Black Friday gift wrapping so excuse the mess. Big thanks for the furniture to really nice coworker that was getting rid of it. With all the other gifts we have received so far we truly feel blessed to have such great family and friends, now as Becky would say "Come out baby!"

Things we've been up to

Seems like the months go by quickly, we've had a lot of fun and have enjoyed this last phase of
the kidless life, next week it all changes, oh boy!

We attended Mike's niece's baptism in Utah in September, aren't we cute?

Had a delicious Thanksgiving meal with the neighbors, we worked so hard on that smoked turkey, let me tell you it was difficult! Even putting the sides in those styrofoam cups, tough life I'm telling you.

Our home improvement project consisted of tearing up the nasty carpet that was in our condo, cheap carpet from the builder + four years of foot traffic + two dogs living full time indoors = time for some new flooring

We went the cheap route and since we had a concrete subfloor, yes even on the second story we just finished the concrete. We had to stay off it for four days, so we thank those friends that put us up or let dogs stay the day with them. We put on a concrete stain and then wet-sealed it. We like not having the carpet and will enjoy it for the meantime, who knows what the future will bring.