Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memories remain even though bridges are burned

Last weekend one of my all-time favorite bridges was burned, all the way into the Colorado River below, of course I remember the crazy times driving the cattle truck to Grand Junction and having to fold in the mirrors, not able to make it through otherwise but I also was reminded of the first trip that Becky and I took to Moab, right before we got engaged, guess I didn't scare her off too much. Nor did my cousins. We were on our way out of town and wanted to see the river so we drove up and took a stroll across the bridge, thankfully we did that almost five years ago because we couldn't anymore.

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Of course this is what it looked like that fateful night........

Old friends have returned....

This last week I truly have realized how much I love TV, with the desperation caused by the writers' strike I have missed some dear friends that I have known since 2005. Welcome back Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Kevin, and the other members of the Office, you've been missed. I mean I have even tuned into American Idol I missed them so much, luckily our friend hooked us on Lost, otherwise I may have sunk to even lower, more desperate measures. So here we go seeing how Michael gets rid of Jan, if Jim has the guts to ask that question, and see Dwight being tortured, by everyone including Angela. At least now I no longer have to feel bad about not doing things because, "There isn't anything good on TV" to a few more weeks of a full DVR and many laughs until the summer break.