Thursday, December 09, 2010

Time in the NICU

While little Caleb is getting to flirt with all the nurses and other little girls at the hospital, mommy and daddy got to visit and play with him at every chance they could. It's so fun to hold him, feed him, and even change him. He has recieved three transfusions, but after each one his platelet count drops, however, it has slowed down each time. The doctors say not to worry and to give the little guy time to figure out what is good and what is bad in his blood and that eventually the good will overcome the bad and he will stabilize. Until that we can visit and hold him and play with him and if we are too tired even take a little nap with him. We have mainly just been trying to convince him that it really isn't the end of the world if he comes home with us and that we will treat him right, crazy kid!

Low platelets don't help prevent bruising that much and when your daddy already bruises like a peach that isn't great news for your little baby hand after you rip out your own IV line.

"I know it was you, I'm watching you!"
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Debbie said...

Bruises, scabs and scars. Poor Caleb. His life is so hard. Tell him Aunt Debbie will be there in a week with kisses and presents to make everything better. I am loving the updates. Keep them coming please.

Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear about the NICU. MOsty because that's going to be expensive! J/K. It sucks to not be home yet but I"m so glad to hear he's going to be alright. Oh, and tell Becky she's not suppose to look that gorgeous after just having a baby!

Julie said...

Took copies to Grandma D and she looked at them and said He looks just like Michael! So there. She loved them by the way and says he is growing so big and changing. I agree.